Concussions in athletes

This isn't about not playing sports.  

It's about playing smart and protecting the people that play the games we love.


concussion/Brain Trauma facts

Youth Sports - concussions in athletes up 500%

The concussion problem in sports is a huge issue.  A new study published by FAIR Health suggests that the issues have continued to become a huge concern across a range of youth sports in the US for boys and girls.

70% increase in traumatic brain injuries on the court

Bigger, stronger, and faster athletes lead to more traumatic brain injuries for basketball players.  Girls playing basketball are at twice the risk of their male counterparts.   

Improve resiliency, function, and recovery

Nutraceuticals like Cover Three are changing the way we look at preventing and treating concussions and head trauma. 

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Return to play and nutritional support

Take time to recover - Return to Play Protocol

After a concussion, an athlete should only return to sports practices with the approval and under the supervision of their health care provider. 

Products that could speed recovery

There are now nutritional products designed to help support the brain to repair and recover following a concussion.  Products like Cover Three, a delicious blend of all natural neuroprotectants. 

The Doc's Orders

The best place to get quality nutritional supplements to support the athletes body and mind.  Gain an edge and keep it with nutrition.  

concussions and football

Football Changes the Brain

Football is a dangerous game and we love it.  Play it safe with good technique and with nutritional brain defense like Cover Three. 

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Playing Too Young

NY Times: Playing Tackle Football Before 12 is Tied to Brain Problems Later in Life.  

A heads up for youth sports.

NFL’s Concussion Crisis

Interesting timeline from PBS on what the NFL knew and when they knew it. 

concussions and soccer

Headers --> Concussions

Headers are a part of the game and that means so are concussions in athletes. 

CTE in Soccer

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease due to repetitive head hits, found in former soccer players.

concussions in girls soccer cte header brain damage cover three

Girls at High Risk

New study founds that girls, and especially those who play soccer, may face a higher risk for concussions than boys playing football.

concussions and hockey

Careers Ended by Concussions

The ice is unforgiving and hockey has a long history of concussions.  SI put together a list of players who have retired due to concussions. 

NHL Updates Concussion Protocol

The NHL recently implemented a number of new policies and procedures to enhance their concussion protocol for player safety.

Donated Brains for Research

For the Future: Stanley cup champions have pledged to donate their brains to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) research.